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[June 8th in Kyoto] Kids and Shinkansen in Kobe

[June 8th in Kyoto] Kids and Shinkansen in Kobe

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Hello everyone, we are very excited to invite you to our fun playtime in Kobe!!

[Date] June 8th Saturday, 10:00 am~12:00 pm.
[Location] Shin Kobe Station 
[Expected Number of participants] 4~6 Japanese families and international families.
[Languages] English and Japanese.

[Here is the plan]
Let's go to Shin Kobe Station and look at the trains. We can buy observation tickets and watch Shinkansen come and go and come and go again and again!
I wonder if we will see Doctor Yellow?!
Then, we can eat a simply onigiri lunch and play at a fun park near the station or hike up the hill just a bit to see the Nunobiki Waterfalls.
Of course, even if your kid isn't shy they can join!
(If the event fills up, though, I will not add a co-host just in case there are kids who like smaller crowds!)
What to bring:
1) Lunch and leisure sheet
2) Water and a towel if you sweat a lot.
3) A sketchbook, camera, Shinkansen book, etc.
4) Observation tickets are 70yen for kids and 150yen for adults. Valid for 2 hours.

(please bring drinks, snacks).

Join us!!

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