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[June 30th in Osaka] Hydrangea Hiking in the Forest in Osaka

[June 30th in Osaka] Hydrangea Hiking in the Forest in Osaka

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Hello everyone, we are very excited to invite you to our fun playtime and hiking to hydrangea in the forest in Osaka !!

[Date] June 30th Sunday, 10:00 am~13:00 pm.
[Location] Hydrangea in the forest of Osaka
[Expected Number of participants] 4~6 Japanese families and international families.
[Languages] English and Japanese
[Here is the plan]

June~July is the rainy season but also the season of hydrangeas. Let's go hiking and enjoy the beauty of hydrangeas together!
We will go with the kids, so let's take a short course. Below is the tentative plan of the day:
10:15~10:30. Gather at Kintetsu Ikoma station. Walk to the cable car station.
11:00. Get on cable car >16 mins > Ikoma-sanjo terminal >> hiking for 40 mins.
12:00. Lunch time.
Enjoy hydrangeas and nature around. (※ You can stay longer here if you like)
14:00. Hike back to Ikoma-sanjo Cable car terminal
15:09. Get on cable car >> Kintetsu Ikoma station.

(please bring drinks, snacks).

Join us!!


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