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[June 22nd in Kobe] Maya Cable Car, Ropeway and Hiking in Kobe

[June 22nd in Kobe] Maya Cable Car, Ropeway and Hiking in Kobe

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Hello everyone, we are very excited to invite you to our fun playtime in Kobe!!

[Date] June 22nd Saturday, 10:00 am~12:00 pm.
[Location]六甲ケーブル下駅 Kobe Rokko Cable Car Shita Station
[Expected Number of participants] 4~6 Japanese families and international families.
[Languages] English and Japanese.

[Here is the plan]
Let's go on an adventure!
This meet-up is perfect for all the kids who love trains and vehicles. It's also perfect for kids who are active and love to play. Does your kid like bugs? I bet we'll see lots of bugs, too!
Let's take the Maya Cable car up to the halfway point of the mountain. Then we'll hike from mid-way up to the top of the mountain. It's a good hike!! Then, we'll enjoy our lunch and the amazing view at the top of the mountain.
To end our adventure, we'll take the ropeway and cable car back down the mountain.
Please bring:
- Wear simple hiking gear and a hat. Just make sure you aren't wearing sandals.
- Bring a light jacket. (One section of the hike is a lot cooler than the rest of the mountain.)
- Plenty of water and snacks.
- Lunch and leisure mat.
- Small towel for sweat.
(to add - currently the Maya Cable Car is under maintenance. If it is not fixed by the time of this meet up we will go to another really wonderful park, Nada Maru Yama, and spend the day there.

Join us!!

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